Project Team from Croatia, OŠ Jabukovac - Zagreb

We are a small school of 206 students, built 70 years ago in the park forest of Tuškanac with creative and well organized team of teachers and
students. Our school is one of the smallest elementary schools with classes
from an average of 16 students. We are situated in a beautiful scenery
surrounded by forest , in a quiet and enjoyable part, just  minutes from
the center of the capital of Croatia, Zagreb.

*In our school we provide learning of two foreign language, but beside
formal classes, school offers certain features and benefits that go beyond
the compulsory school curriculum and common standards ( sports  at the
weekend, other Extra curricular activities.Our desire is to work with
parents contributing to create a positive mood of each of our students in
order to make the school safe and stimulating place for its further growth
and development, strengthening its competence and confidence and trust in

*Our school staff participated in the training on Erasmus+ and workshops on
project cycl…

Project Team from Saldus Elementary School

Project Team  from Latvia, Saldus From the left-  Iveta Logina - she is our Music teacher; Evita Dureika- project coordinator from Latvia, English teacher; Dace Neizaka- Primary teacher, IT teacher; Līga Paštore-  Social Pedagogue and Speech Therapist; Lāsma Rumpe- Sports teacher.
And here are our students: Watch video here:

Saldus pamatskola no Latvijas/Saldus Elementary school from Latvia

Saldus Elementary school History.Saldus Elementary school was opened on 4th  August  1904. Since 1909 the school was only for boys.  School has changed its name several times for different reasons (World War 1,2).  In 1915, the school  was even evacuated to Russia. Over the years there   have worked 17  headmasters. For last 60 years  school’s life has stabilized. In 70s the school was expanded with  building for   more classrooms, a gym, a wardrobe and a canteen.   In 2008 the renovation of the school's new building  took place. In 2016 the old part of school has   completely renovated.  

School’ssymbolsThe logo and the badge of the school were created relating to a hundredth anniversary.